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10 July 2016

Local Artist at WorkPlay

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Since its conception almost 15 years ago, WorkPlay has been all about the music and the musicians. However, WorkPlay is large capacity venue and we can not always accommodate all bands and artist. If you are an up and coming artist, we have 2 options for you, first, being included in our BAR rotation which consists of live music 4 days a week or participating in one of our local artist showcases. We are presently discussing 2 of these possibilities with some of our great local radio stations. Our Live Music capability in our BAR usually consist of Solo and Duo artist, but there are exceptions, these are usually early gigs, making it easy for an artist to still be able to make a gig later that evening, an easy situation. If you are interested in playing in our BAR, please email “” and please include all biographical information, any web links or you tube links and at least 3 references of places you have played in the last month or so. We are looking for exciting, very entertaining artist, that can make the stress of a serious work day disappear for our loyal Happy Hour customers or bring in Brand New customers to our incredible Happy Hour.

Contrary to popular belief, WorkPlay seldom has a say in who is provided as an opening act for our national artist in the Theater and Sound Stage. That is usually determined by the National Artist management and is often part of the tour. However, every once in a while, we are able to provide an opening act, but in most cases that still requires headliners management approval and must be approved far in advance of show. If you wish to play the Theater at WorkPlay we will need some firm evidence that your bands following can do a great job of filling the room from your performance. There are several options we can discuss with you, if you feel like your band can generate enough fans to make an awesome evening at the WorkPlay Theater and if there is an opening in the schedule and we can make a deal that is acceptable to both parties, we will certainly go out of our way to do so. Again, Please understand our schedule is very full and at most times is almost booked 5-6 months in advance with National Artist and available scheduling slots, are a very rare commodity. Since we do many private events as well as public events, not all of our events make it to the web site calendar, so often times, just because there is an empty date on web site calendar, does not mean that is an open date. We do always keep a current file on artist and we will include you in our collection of artist, because you just never know when a band like yours might be needed by us or one of the other entities we work with. So again, send your complete info to “” or ” Joe B. , WorkPlay Venues – 500 23rd Street South – Birmingham, Alabama 35233″. We can only keep artist files that are complete with all current biographical information, web links, demographical information and references.
We sincerely hopes this helps all artist understand our booking process at WorkPlay, as we go to any lengths to support the MUSIC !