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11 July 2016


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If you are attending ANY downtown event or festival, like Sloss Fest on the weekend of July 16 & 17, WorkPlay is the perfect place to begin and end your evenings. In this very intense summer heat, we offer a very close place to come cool off and continue enjoying your music experiences. Join us in the WorkPlay BAR for a perfect beginning to your evening activities, we are so very close to any event downtown. WORKPLAY BAR is the perfect place to meet your friends before or after attending those events. Not to mention this weekend we have our own incredible shows with Amy Black and The Muscle Shoals Review, Boy Illinois, El Fuser and PARACHUTE ! Not only can we offer you the best entertainment in Birmingham, we can provide the perfect place for you to begin your events, even if you chose to attend another event. WORKPLAY always enhances your evenings ! Come JOIN US !