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News from WorkPlay
18 October 2016


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October has been an incredible month at WorkPlay and we wish to thank all of our patrons for coming to and enjoying our home at WorkPlay. So many versatile things coming up, this past Sunday we did a live stream of PHISH from Jacksonville, FL on our hi def large screen 20×30 and ran the sound through our state of the art concert sound system, it was the next thing to being there LIVE, all had an incredible time.
This Thursday we have our first PAINT NITE, where you can come and paint your own painting with help of a coach, while socializing with old and new friends and your favorite beverage, this is a highly enjoyable event, do not come unless you really enjoy having fun !
So many incredible concerts coming within the next 2 weeks, come see them all. At WorkPlay we strive to bring the best of all forms of music to Bham, so all of you can enjoy your favorite upcoming artist, ask anyone that has ever seen a show at WorkPlay, it does not get any better.
We also began serving flavored Popcorn and that has become a HUGE favorite at the bar.
We have an incredible staff that works diligently to keep our Facebook page and Website up to date, with in minutes of happenings at WorkPlay, so please bookmark our Facebook page and web site for the absolute latest in happenings, things are being added all day, everyday and a lot of our newer shows are selling out fast and we want everyone to be able to come, so buy your tickets early, because just like the other night, when they are gone, THEY ARE GONE ! !
AS General Manager it is my distinct pleasure to work with our staff to meet and welcome each of you that come to visit at WorkPlay, we strive to let everyone know we are family and consider our patrons to be the same, so come and enjoy being with friends and family, we promise to not disappoint ! ! ! !