Phrasure: Ball of Mistakes Release Show w/ TheRealJoeClark

Date : Saturday Sep 29 2018
Time : 8 PM | Doors 6:30 PM

SAT – Phrasure: Ball of Mistakes Release Show w/ TheRealJoeClark

Phrasure bio:

Hip-Hop is notorious for having a wide array of styles. It has allowed fans from all generations to traverse a diverse spectrum of moods and grooves alike. Alabama native Phrasure gives his listeners a fast-track transition through those bounds. His style can be best defined as a fusion of pop and alternative rap, most comparable to such acts as Macklemore, The Beastie Boys, and Chiddy Bang. Phrasure’s atypical rhyme scheme layers perfectly on the fleeting tempos of beats, composed by himself. This amalgamation of elements provides listeners with an upbeat, easy listening experience. His lyrical content is also appropriate for most demographics, covering topics such as joy, despair, anger, excitement, and anxiety. Phrasure has compiled a bustling track record having featured on a multitude of local talents’ projects, and his new album Ball of Mistakes is the culmination of years of collaboration and learning within the Birmingham rap community.

TheRealJoeClark bio:
Birmingham, AL native Joe Clark (better known as “TheRealJoeClark”) is an artist that has shined on every occasion. His love for music began at the early age of 12 and has seen Clark create his own lane within the Birmingham hip hop scene. His influences range from the classics of Tupac Shakur and Nas, to the modern greats of Kanye West and Andre 3000. TheRealJoeClark knew his aspiration in life was not to keep his talent hidden but to use it in hopes of opening minds, and breaking barriers inside and out of the hip hop culture. With the release of Book of Joseph in May of 2018, Clark has created an album that pulls from his life experiences to draw the listener in and never let them go.