BRENT COBB & THEM w/ Savannah Conley

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Date : Saturday Mar 3 2018
Time : 8 pm | Doors 6 30 pm

Sat – BRENT COBB & THEM w/ Savannah Conley


Brent Cobb web

Brent Cobb didn’t set out to write an album that feels and sounds like the place he grew up. But now that the grooves have been cut in his debut LP, Shine on Rainy Day, there’s no denying the people, the places and the vibe of his southcentral Georgia home infuse almost every song.

“It just is Georgia,” Brent says in his musical drawl. “It’s just that rural, easy-going way it feels down there on a nice spring evening when the wind’s blowing warm and you smell wisteria, you know?”
It’s quiet down there where he’s from in Ellaville – “population 1,609” – laid back and forgotten in the shadow of Atlanta and Savannah. The people have blue-collar values and believe in treating your neighbor like you want to be treated. They believe in curses and the dark finger of Fate and wield a sharp, dark sense of humor that sustains them through the hardest of times. Distant radio stations, roadside honkytonks made of cinderblock and back-porch picking sessions heavy on the backbeat predominate under Spanish moss-strewn live oaks and loblolly pines.
It was the perfect place to grow up.


 savannah conley

Savannah Conley is a singer-songwriter based out of Nashville, TN. Her music has been classified as “organic pop”. It has a quirky, edgy feel to it, but also utilizes instruments such as upright bass and ukulele. Savannah has been writing and performing almost since she could talk and walk. She has been recording since the age of 7 and has one full scale album available anywhere digital music is sold. She is currently working on her second studio record.
The first available single can be found here:
Make sure to keep up with all updates on the coming record and shows.