Come to see us!
Date : Sunday Mar 5 2017
Time : 6PM

Sunday – Zach and Cheyloe


Join us for some early music with Zach and Cheyloe!


A note from Zach & Cheyloe:

We’re Zach + Cheyloe from Birmingham, AL. We’ve loved music since we were very young and now as adults we enjoy making it even more. Our voices and our songwriting are both very unique and different, yet they come together like two puzzle pieces. We aim to be not just songwriters but storytellers also. Simple and direct, we rarely, if ever, stray into the abstract or the realm of music you “just have to get.” We want you to know that whatever lonesome trail you’re traveling, we’ve been there too, friend. And we have the dust on our boots and the songs in our souls to prove it.

We’ve been teamed up since early 2013, Cheyloe having previously been a solo artist and Zach the creative lead/singer of Calling Station. We’re only two people but we have the time of our lives playing together and creating a ruckus in general and we hope that you’ll come along with us.

We regularly participate in the Bluebird Cafe’s (Nashville) Sunday Night Writers nights, having passed the audition in 2012. We were the winners of the 1st and 2nd ASPA Singer Songwriter competition; 1 of the 50 chosen from 2,000+ artists to compete in the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam Southern Original contest. 2nd Place in WorkPlay’s Singer/Songwriter Series contest. Most recently we are the Summer 2014 winners of Moonlight on the Mountain Grand Open Mic Playoff contest. We won the local portion of the Texaco Country Showdown in May and will be competing at State this October.