Eric Watters & Friends

No Cover Music @ 6pm | Happy Hour 4-7pm
Date : Thursday Jun 29 2017
Time : 6pm | Happy Hour 4-7pm

Thursday – Eric Watters & Friends


Ask Watters what keeps him going after 25 years in the music world, and he harks back to a comment made by the late, great Topper Price. The Birmingham bluesman was a mainstay on Alabama’s nightclub scene, but national fame remained elusive. In 2006, one year before his death, Price did a recording session with Caddle, playing harmonica on “Mississippi Doublewide.”

“He said, ‘I’ve quit a million times, but you and me are born with the curse. You’ll never get rid of it,’” Watters says. “There’s just something about music, all the components of it.”