Moonlight Presents: Future Elevators and The Pollen

Thu Oct 19th, 8pm | Happy Hour starts @ 4pm
Date : Thursday Oct 19 2017
Time : 8pm | Doors 7pm

Thursday – Moonlight Presents: Future Elevators and The Pollen


future elevators poster


Future Elevators is the brainchild of Michael Shackelford. Being a multi-instrumentalist from Birmingham (AL), he tracked the album with Lynn Bridges (co-producer) and Darrell Thorp (Grammy winning Producer for Radiohead – Hail to the Thief and Beck – Morning Phase) in their record label’s studio at Communicating Vessels. Since tracking the record and adding members Ramy Noureddini (guitar), Robert Wason (bass) and Brett Huffman (drums) the band went Viral on Spotify charts with their single “Modern World” in the UK and Canada topping at #5 for both. This song has been getting good rotation on BBC Radio 1, 2, and 6 as well as several regions and radio stations in the US. The band also received placement on the Showtime series Shameless featuring their song “It Is What It Is”. The band has been touring the southeast since their debut album was released Feb. 19th of 2016. Since the release they have opened for bands Dungen and Lucius. Their current sound has a similar sonic scape of bands: Tame Impala, Beach House, Radiohead, Deerhunter, Kurt Vile, Mac Demarco and Dungen. There’s a touch of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s Brit Pop bands in the sound including hints of southern folk, soul and psychedelic music. The intent from the perspective of Shackelford (songwriter) was to make an album diverse and eclectic that was relatable to anyone dealing with the modern-day struggles of the real world. It was intended to be an escape. There are many mood changes as the album weaves through genres. No song really sounds the same. It’s tied together by the vocals and production. As content as they are with the album, the band nowadays prefers the live show in some ways to the record itself. The songs jump off the page and expand a great deal live when incorporating visuals and ambient, mantra-like transitions between songs. If you get a chance to catch one of their shows, take it. You won’t regret it.

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the pollen

The Pollen is a four-piece alternative rock group based out of Birmingham, Alabama. With their first full-length album, Unfiltered, dropping only recently, a growing number of music lovers are appreciating the unique, gritty soft rock sound created by this group of talented young musicians. Their new release is full of raw and emotional lyrics juxtaposed against skillful guitar riffs that encapsulate the band’s unique aesthetic. The Pollen’s music, when taken at face value, seems not to belong to one genre, yet all of their songs flow perfectly into one another to create a cohesive but eclectic record. This diversity allows for the range of skills that these boys possess to be put on full display and rightfully appreciated. Lead guitarist Wesley Malone’s sultry riffs starkly contrast and yet perfectly compliment the dark, emotional lyrics that lead singer Brennan Walker sings (and screams). The Pollen’s sound would be nowhere near as enticing without the heavy, rhythmic tones skillfully created by bassist Rigdon Hendrix, and the powerhouse drummer, Matthew Siple, delivers the ambience necessary to ensure the cohesion of the record. The Pollen’s sound, while incredible in-studio, is best showcased in a live setting. The sheer talent and charisma presented on stage makes The Pollen THE band to see. Add on top of that the intriguing lyrics and head-bang worthy riffs, and you’ve got the perfect show. The quartet has an obvious synchronicity that allows them to work with and play off the sounds the other members are producing in real time. No two shows will sound the same, so you’re always in for a mind-blowing, unprecedented show. The humor and vivacious personalities of these boys is evident on stage, even thru the heavy and sometimes dark sound they create. At a show with The Pollen, the audience experiences both the unique sound and the dynamic personality of the four band members.