Nick Grant & Translee performing LIVE

WorkPlay Theatre Sat July 15th @ 8pm | Happy Hour starts @ 4pm
Date : Saturday Jul 15 2017
Time : 8pm| Doors 7pm

Saturday – Nick Grant & Translee



nickNick Grant
The rapper Nick Grant, hailing from South Carolina is a symbol of pride. While his contemporaries can gush about being from prestigious rap lands like New York, Atlanta, or Houston. Songs like Royalty ( mix tape ”88′”) and Drug Lord Courture (album “Return of the Cool”) prove Grant is more than comfortable with placing the weight of his hometown Walterboro, South Carolina, on his shoulders. While delivering punchlines that always leave his audience wanting more.

Government name Translee, rap name Translee. Who is Translee? What is a Translee and where does it come from, are usually the questions surrounding the Huntsville AL raised, Atlanta based MC when being introduced to the unfamiliar.  From the stellar last project MAOTP, a particular set of witty words, and delivery that will finesse any verse line or hook on a track, the masses are definitely starting to notice that it may be something different that is being birthed in the south that may be riding against the norm- of the road MOST traveled. Simply conversational raps as he calls it, real music, real people, real problems, real times and real facts. His name is Translee. He is signed to independent label DNC (Digital Nativ3 Culture) and Grandhustle . Recently he’s been on the Hustle Gang world tour with super star actor and rapper TI and now preparing for his follow up project MAOTP part 2