Hot 107.7 Presents Tank: Savage Tour

Thursday Sept 21st, 8pm | Happy Hour starts @ 4pm
Date : Thursday Sep 21 2017
Time : 8pm | Doors 6:30pm

Thursday – Tank: Savage Tour


Tank Birmingham Al


TankTank continues to make an impact as a singer and songwriter, leaving his mark on pop culture at large. His writing credits include songs for everybody from Jamie Foxx, Pitbull, Aaliyah, Beyoncé to Chris Brown and Jennifer Hudson. He’s evolved yet again outside of music with his starring role in BET’s hit mini-series, The New Edition Story, along with his fitness program, Stronger U.

Building upon his legacy, which encompasses everything from his first two gold certified albums—Force of Nature and One Man—Grammy nominated Sex, Love, Pain, chart-topping TGT collaboration with Tyrese and Ginuwine, Three Kings followed by his latest Top 10 Billboard album and successful nationwide tour, Sex, Love, Pain II. Father, Musician and Actor—Tank’s presence on social media is celebrated by both Millennials and Generation-X with over 3.2 million followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

“The moon, the stars, and the sun don’t align very often like they have recently. I finally feel like I’m in a space creatively where I’m doing my best music and best acting. I’ve reached this amazing place.” more >>>