WorkPlay has several office spaces available for VIP leasing. Beginning Sept. 15, we will have 4 new offices available for rent in our exclusive office space. We currently have 4 exciting floor plans and 4 offices available after Sept. 15. We currently house some of the original folks from when WorkPlay was first created over 15 years ago. If you are looking for an exciting 1-2 person office in a very elite setting, then WorkPlay is for you! Our latest Movie project just wrapped up and there are more heading towards Birmingham and WorkPlay in the near future, if you would like one of these incredible opportunities, you might want to act now, as when the next Movie pops up, there will be none left. Here are some basic photos of some of spaces available. If you are interested in leasing these, please contact Joe Benintende at WorkPlay for an appointment to see and lease ! At WorkPlay we currently are leasing office space to a major radio station, an entertainment attorney, a music manager and producer, an Atlanta Record Label, a commercial advertising recording studio, a booking agency what an exciting place TO LEASE An office and WORK !
Contact for more information!